Diabetes Types: No Longer a Mystery

absolutely no cure for diabetes

Life After Diabetes Types

Life After Diabetes TypesDiabetes comprises two sorts, commonly called type 1 and type two diabetes. For these reasons, it’s important to learn the early warning indications of diabetes. If you are handling diabetes in children step one is changing your kid’s diet.

There isn’t any reason. It’s a condition that the body is not able to create or make use of insulin, resulting in having high blood glucose. To put it differently, it’s not considered to be an infectious disease, and it’s not from being in contact with somebody who suffers from the illness like a cold which can be caught. Type 1 diabetes is found in kids and young adults. Type two diabetes is an exceptional example. Most men and women associate Type two diabetes with higher blood sugar and the associated side effects and complications that could develop as a consequence of uncontrolled or unstable glucose levels.

There are two kinds of diabetes, called Type 1 and Type 2. It is important to comprehend that diabetes is. Diabetes can also cause cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke and the should amputate a limb that is specific. You’re likely familiar with a few of the origin of Type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease, and is the most important source of death in the States. It’s a disease for a child and parent. It is a serious chronic disease suffered by millions of people. It’s crucial handle Diabetes in a method. Therefore, when you’ve been diagnosed as pre-diabetic, developing full-blown diabetes isn’t inevitable. The people experiencing diabetes aren’t able to discover the symptoms for lengthier time. Type one diabetes, also referred to as insulin dependent diabetes happens when the body can not generate sufficient insulin.

absolutely no cure for diabetesWhile there is absolutely no cure for diabetes, it is quite important to adhere to a rigorous diabetes management plan so as to live a life. Apparently there isn’t any cure for diabetes, though it’s treatable by insulin injection. It is among the natural remedies for diabetes.

Lifestyle and the diet needs to be monitored to help control the amount of blood sugar. It’s also advised that you talk about your diet with your doctor when you have type one diabetes. The diet, insulin, and syringes aren’t pricey.

When it’s injected insulin doesn’t lead to pain. It is not an efficient way of suicide. It might not have the ability.

The absolute most important point to remember for diabetics is to maintain the blood glucose. With the majority of diabetics self-monitoring their blood glucose levels, ketoacidosis is rare, but it still occurs. So there are plenty of diabetics that won’t do things simply because they do not have enough time to do them. On the flip side, most diagnosed Type 2 diabetics often demonstrate little discretion in these kinds of areas.

Diabetes mellitus has become the most frequent kind of diabetes that arises as a consequence of defective production of insulin by cells or because of the inability of these cells to react to the insulin that is generated. It is still quite dangerous, although hypoglycemia isn’t likely to result in death. It represents Insulin excess and it can occur at any time.

The 5-Minute Rule for Diabetes Types

The 5-Minute Rule for Diabetes TypesFor others, the indicators can be a whole lot more subtle and sneaky. For people with symptoms of coronary disease, you might require additional tests. With the growing number of individuals being diagnosed with the disease it is vital to know more about the diabetes symptoms. The diabetes symptoms vary from one another. There are tons of pre-diabetes symptoms, which has to get detected to be in a position.

There are some sorts of auto immune diseases where the skin growth can change rapidly. Sometimes they may be involved, as is the case with those affecting hormone function. It is a disorder that may take more than 1 form.

The most trustworthy and most powerful medicine for Type two diabetes is Metformin. Any treatment needs to be targeted at lowering the number of sugar. High-quality diabetes treatment demands strategies that are diverse to be able to be prosperous.

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Fundamental Kinds of Normal Diabetes

Kinds of Normal Diabetes

There are two fundamental kinds of diabetes. It is a disease that needs to be analyzed extensively. Juvenile diabetes is a lot higher in those who’ve been bottle-fed in place of breast-fed, and it’s lower in communities that consume fewer cows’ milk solutions.

Your diabetes will cause you to get tired, and you may be exceedingly anxious. It is caused by melancholy. Having diabetes is difficult enough, you will need to learn your condition and how to manage it well before you even look at a DAD. If you’re diagnosed with gestational diabetes, your physician or healthcare provider will speak to you about your treatment choices. Gestational diabetes is something which only happens during pregnancy. It is associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

Types 1 and 2 diabetes are generally regarded as two distinct diseases. Needless to say, it’s much less difficult to avoid diabetes than to cure it. People with diabetes who take a drug that could harm the liver needs to consult their doctor prior to using cinnamon. Diabetes can be reversed in many situations, but you need to comprehend what is required, what the terms mean and how this knowledge may be used to your advantage. You have to deal with gestational diabetes straight away to guard your baby. It used to be called maturity-onset diabetes as it commonly started after age forty.

Fundamental Kinds of Normal Diabetes

The load of diabetes, along with the health problems it causes, are extremely heavy. If you get pregnant again, you’re at a greater chance of developing gestational diabetes again. Ultimately, you’re at a greater chance of developing diabetes later in life. A situation much like Type l diabetes is easily the most frequent form in dogs. The condition of extremely higher blood sugar is called Hyperglycemia which may damage many organs leading to kidney damage, nerve damage, loss of vision and cardiovascular disease.

Folks who haven’t been diagnosed with diabetes won’t understand this. It’s possible to regulate diabetes with no diet change. Type two diabetes became an epidemic too.

If you didn’t develop diabetes for a child or adolescent, you’ll have another opportunity to develop into diabetic when you’re over forty. People with diabetes might need to look at their glucose levels up to 4 or more times per day. For those who have type 1 diabetes and suffer from exhaustion you might not be alone. Firstly, it’s not unusual for individuals with type two diabetes to have fasting sugar higher than postprandial. If a person is diagnosed with type two diabetes at 90, there’s almost no prospect of living to observe those complications.

Glucose is the final product of carbohydrates absorbed via the intestine. Your blood glucose isn’t supposed to stay the same. During the initial procedure for regulation and periodically thereafter, the efficacy of the insulin dose at controlling blood glucose has to be evaluated.

For those with Type two diabetes that are not on insulin, how much to test is left up to you. Insulin is imperative to help control your blood sugar. It is a hormone produced by the body. It is a hormone that plays a key role in regulating the bodys blood sugar levels. It’s the very first insulin to offer truly flat insulin levels through the whole day for the majority of humans. There’s not sufficient insulin readily available to the body for appropriate uptake of glucose, but there’s sufficient to reduce ketone formation.

A lot of people have diabetes for a long length of time before their diagnosis is made. Type two diabetes is a lot more common than type 1 diabetes. The same as the remainder of the people, people with type 1 diabetes have become overweight and obese.

People with diabetes that are interested in herbal remedies, however, might be surprised to learn that doctors are serious in regards to the potential for cinnamon to deal with some diabetes symptoms. Diabetes in turn can lead to serious complications throughout the body, for example, cardiovascular disease, higher blood pressure, kidney and eye disease along with nerve damage. You will realize that rather than being told you own a disease you’ll be able to become more effective in implementing strategies to take charge of your health care condition. In case the disease isn’t treated, coma and death may happen.

Not all tablet medicines taken for diabetes can result in a hypo. The loss of the capacity to sense low blood sugar is known as hypoglycemia unawareness. To know if it’s the blood sugar is what one would anticipate, its important to comprehend where you started. What’s more, you can test your blood glucose from anywhere by merely employing the right equipment and paying attention to directions. What’s normal blood glucose level healthiack.

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To do with treating any diabetes

To do with treating any diabetes

Always be cautious with sugar if you’re inclined toward diabetes! Diabetes is a disorder which affects a huge portion of the people. By way of example, it’s a condition where there isn’t herbal substitute. Type one diabetes is the point where the body doesn’t produce insulin and type 2 is the point where the body resists insulin.

When it has to do with treating any diabetes, stabilizing the challenge is the most important. Diabetes is a condition that the body can not create or earn proper use of insulin, resulting in having high blood glucose. It’s a frequent disease, and is the 6 most significant cause of death in the United States. Type 1 diabetes happens when the body is unable to create a sufficient quantity of insulin. The perfect way to take care of type two diabetes in kids, is to monitor and maintain a track of your kid’s blood glucose levels, as different foods, activities, and medications which will help to keep the diabetes in check, mainly are based on the glucose levels.

If you read broadly about diabetes concerning fats, and sugars and other carbohydrates, you may remember to observe that human metabolic processes are extremely complexafrankly far too complex for me to comprehend Since diabetes is about the body being unable to metabolize sugar, drinking mango leaf infused water is a great way to continue to keep your blood glucose levels in check. It is characterised by high blood sugar, and it is a disorder that can cause many complications and some of them can have acute symptoms. In essence Insulin Resistance can result in pre-diabetes, which can result in Type II Diabetes. The exact source of type 1 diabetes is unknown, risk factors include genetics, in the vast majority of instances the problem is considered to be an autoimmune disease.

Uncontrolled, diabetes can result in life-threatening complications. Sometimes, it may also be hereditary. It’s necessary to deal with diabetes with medication and diet so this health disorder is under control and doesn’t lead to some unnecessary complications.

diabetes treatment

Men and women who lack the insulin required to pick the glucose to the cells have juvenile diabetes, and should the insulin isn’t provided, they get steadily weaker because their muscles and other organs can’t do the job correctly. Without insulin, blood glucose levels have a propensity to increase, resulting in dire consequences. Diabetes mellitus is much more common than insipidus in dogs. Diabetes mellitus is quite a common condition that lots of people around the planet are afflicted by. Diabetic neuropathy can be immensely dangerous if not treated instantly. Treating diabetic neuropathy isn’t the job of a day. However, it can take a lifetime to witness a decrease in pain.

The sort of rosacea treatment used however is dependent on the severity and subtype. Any treatment has to be targeted at reducing the total quantity of sugar in the blood. The treatment for Cushing’s disease completely is contingent on the health state of the dog. Therefore, there can also be another differing condition that might require expert therapy. Later, you can select between pharmaceutical remedies, and the organic remedies. If you would like to employ this alternative herbal therapy ensure you start looking for “Black Elderberry” instead of other sorts. Herbal treatment for type two diabetes is quite popular all over the world.

Any medication turned out to function can just be called’ medicine’. Ayurvedic medicines do not include any chemicals. Herbal medicines and wellness remedies have a whole lot of advantages the greatest being that it doesn’t interfere with the human body’s natural healing practice. It is one of the oldest forms of medicine used for treating physical in addition to psychological maladies and for the purpose of overall health care. Therefore, it’s critical to carry on taking the prescribed diabetes medications to maintain the blood glucose levels in order.

There are two kinds of the disease. Other diseases and conditions that are associated or are the consequence of diabetes are hypertension, diabetic retinopathy, cardiovascular disease, eye issues, etc… Dog cancer symptoms aren’t observed during the starting phases of the disease.

Apparently there isn’t any known cure for diabetes, although it’s treatable by insulin injection. Moreover, some herbal remedies might interact with chemotherapy medications radiation treatment or anesthetics during surgery. If you do choose to try herbal remedies, do not forget to give them at least a few weeks to completely take effect. There are lots of home remedies to manage Bacterial Vaginosis according to distinct physiques. From the conclusion of this short article, you are going to be in a position to decide for yourself if there’s a cure for this disorder and you’ll also learn some basic remedies that numerous diabetics are using to reverse diabetes. In the end, it’s also a good idea to try a remedy utilizing alfalfa. From the conclusion of this post you will know 5 natural diabetes remedies which were shown to get the job done!

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The Advantages of What Is Diabetes Mellitus

The Advantages of What Is Diabetes Mellitus

The Hidden Truth About What Is Diabetes Mellitus

Individuals with diabetes have an incremented risk of creating several earnest health issue Type two diabetes is the most common in people over age 45 who are too heavy. Some individuals, particularly with Type two diabetes, might have no signs.

What Is Diabetes Mellitus – Is it a Scam?

If left untreated, diabetes can result in many complications. It is essential to remember that sugar itself doesn’t bring about diabetes. This kind of diabetes is seen more commonly over age 40 decades but can happen at any age. What’s more, people with diabetes must watch what they eat carefully so they don’t eat a lot of sugary foods, which can result in a spike in sugar. Type two diabetes is because of insulin resistance. Given that they’ll usually get worse over time, those with type 2 diabetes will eventually be placed on some kind of medication to aid with the management of their diabetes.

Diabetes results from a problem in the manner in which your whole body makes or uses insulin. It’s essential to look after diabetes, because if left untreated it can make a range of issues. Type two diabetes is normally found in adults, which is the reason why it used to be known as maturity onset diabetes, but sadly it’s increasingly found in younger individuals along with adults. Two things then chance to trigger type two diabetes finally to happen.

The causes of diabetes aren’t known. It’s not caused by eating too much sugar, but being overweight increases the odds of developing type 2 diabetes. Though it might seem difficult to handle diabetes and be optimistic regarding the therapy, there are many in the Earth, experiencing diabetes insipidus and diabetes mellitus, who have taken their lives in their hands and began working on themselves to find healthier and far better quality of living. Type two diabetes could be controlled with diet, exercise, and weight reduction It’s treated in a variety of ways. Diabetes type 2 can be managed with a mixture of dietary therapy pills and injections and frequently insulin supplementation. Type two diabetes often occurs in kids and adults that are over weight and live a sedentary way of life

Introducing What Is Diabetes Mellitus

Once diabetes was diagnosed, immediate treatment is needed. It’s a common hormonal problem that if untreated can lead to diabetes complications such as diabetic neuropathy, kidney problems, heart problems, retinopathy and other ailments. Non-insulin deficient diabetes can be found to occur more in overweight individuals.

What Is Diabetes Mellitus Explained

Diabetes is life-threatening if it’s not controlled. In addition, it can affect your eyes as well. In some cases, it can also cause total blindness. If you’ve got gestational diabetes, you should continue to keep your blood glucose level in order.

Up in Arms About What Is Diabetes Mellitus?

Diabetes is named Prameha in Ayurveda.

It is also known as Madhumeha. It’s not known how this kind of diabetes takes origin. Gestational diabetes, contrary to other kinds of diabetes, isn’t a permanent condition but one that develops as a consequence of pregnancy but subsides after arrival.

Diabetes is a critical condition if it’s not closely monitored and controlled. It is a serious medical condition that occurs when the amount of sugar (glucose) in the body gets higher than normal for a lengthy time period. Gestational diabetes happens when there’s a high blood glucose level while pregnant.

The Battle Over What Is Diabetes Mellitus and How to Win It

Diabetes is part of the wider condition referred to as metabolic syndrome. It’s a Metabolic and Chronic Disease that causes troubles and degrades the quality of life of countless people. Gestational diabetes results from a change in how a womans body responds to insulinduring pregnancy.

The 5-Minute Rule for What Is Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is among the most frequent disorders of the hormone system. The misleading part is that simply because you’re newly diagnosed with diabetes doesn’t necessarily mean that you can never eat sugar again. Secondary Diabetes is a massive group of distinct health troubles.

Diabetes mellitus occurs more frequently in dogs, and is often diagnosed with dogs five years old or older. Diabetes mellitus is called a fiber-responsive disease. Diabetes mellitus has become the most common of the two, as it’s a lifestyle disease which affects metabolism in our whole body. Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus is the principal kind of Diabetes among children, but it may also occur in adults.

The Hidden Gem of What Is Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus can be classified into secondary and idiopathic mellitus. Some rarer kinds of diabetes mellitus might be inherited. Diabetes Mellitus is among the most typical diseases worldwide with rapid growth rate. Diabetes Mellitus is really the most common of the two sorts of diabetes that may affect dogs and cats, the other being Diabetes Insipidus. There are two sorts of diabetes mellitus, which have changed their names over recent years. Gestational Diabetes Mellitus occurs mostly in obese women at the outset of pregnancy, in scenarios of family history, and in women above 35 years old.

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The Diabetes Stories

If you’re already in diabetes, it is not too late. People with diabetes are also famous for putting an excessive amount of pressure on their toes. It’s discovered to be somewhat effective for diabetes. This sort of diabetes is found in kids and young persons, it is therefore also called Juvenile Diabetes. Long-standing diabetes can cause heart, kidney and circulation difficulties including stroke.


In short, diabetes is a result of the insufficiency of insulin within the body. Even if you previously have diabetes, these foods are going to be able to assist you to keep it under control. When you are diagnosed with type two diabetes, blood glucose monitoring is the key tool you’ve got to look at your diabetes control.

Want to Know More About Diabetes?

As the majority of people know, diabetes is a condition where the body is not able to properly regulate the quantity of sugar in the blood (also referred to as the glucose level). If you have been diagnosed or anxiety you will have High Blood Sugar Type 2 Diabetes then you need to get in to find a physician in case you haven’t already. It can be challenging to take in specially as Diabetes is a condition which will be with you for the remainder of your life. Having Type two diabetes increases the odds of developing several varieties of disease. It’s the most common cause of blindness diagnosed in adults of working age. Having Type two diabetes is known to elevate the prospect of creating vision loss. When you’re diagnosed with type two diabetes, then you must come to grips with the simple fact that you’re most likely to need to change some of your habits and the way you live.

The Death of Diabetes

Type 1 is the most normal kind of diabetes that’s diagnosed in children. Diabetes is the most frequent disorder that prevails all over the nations It’s possible to handle your Diabetes through diet and exercise, but it doesn’t always signify that that is the only real thing which you have to manage it. It’s highly recommended that if you presently have diabetes, that you become involved in your study of the disease and participate in programs that may let you deal and see to your disease. Type two diabetes isn’t painful when first diagnosed, but nevertheless, it can cause much suffering. In case you have Type 2 diabetes, it is sensible to truly feel stressed.

The Honest to Goodness Truth on Diabetes

Diabetes occurs as a consequence of pancreatic malfunction. Actually, by making a range of fundamental adjustments to your diet and workout program you are able to guarantee that you’ll have the ability to manage your Diabetes without an excessive amount of strife. So in case you have been recently diagnosed with type two diabetes, think of it as a significant blessing since the effect of the small but very favorable changes in your life will help make certain that you will be in existence for some time to come. Treating Type two diabetes is a excellent example.

Diabetics are way more prone to infections. He should also enhance their intake of fiber rich foods. It is necessary for diabetics to implement onions in their diabetes treatment program as this organic diabetes treatment can enable you to get to optimum wellness. Unfortunately, recently diagnosed type 2 diabetics want to absorb as much information this easy question gets impossible for them to reply

When you’re looking at your diet plan, you can produce some basic questions about everyday foods which you love. So diet is crucial to your wellbeing and in case you have diabetes, this is a region that you must address first, to obtain any results. If your motives for needing to diet are compelling enough, you’re likely to have the drive to create healthy eating part of the way you live. You have to make certain to modify your diet so that it’s rich in the foods that you’ll need. Firstly you will be provided a Low Glycemic Diet and you will be requested to Exercise.

Does this elevate your blood glucose but it might impair your judgment regarding your diabetes. Of course you want to control your blood glucose but everyone needs a bit of birthday cake now and then. Obviously, sugar in the blood isn’t just the very same as sugar in your food. It’s only once you feel pressured to treat and reduce your blood sugar you’ll be in a position to push through the effort it requires.

For Type 2 diabetics, it is practically always likely to be the best method to take care of the disease one day at one time. Thankfully, a growing number of people are starting to realize it’s a deadly disease we must not underestimate. With the increasing epidemic of obesity and diabetes in the planet, it is necessary to take action to protect against these critical diseases.

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Diabetes is so gay.

diabetes insulin

gay insulinTo you, they might be totally different things, but hear me out. The term “that’s so gay” used to describe something stupid and the way that some people use #diabetes on Twitter or Instagram hit the same nerve with me, and I would go as far as saying that these two problems also have very similar solutions.

People saying “that’s so gay” has pretty much become synonymous with “that’s so stupid.” We live in a world (according to GLSEN) where 75% of high school students say that they have heard “that’s so gay” or “faggot” used as an insult while at school. I would guess that an additional 25% didn’t understand the question.

I can speak with authority on this after working with young people for the last decade that “good” kids with no intention of insulting their gay peers are using the term “that’s so gay” because it has become part of this generation’s daily dialect. It’s a term that’s accepted in schools. The sports field. On social media. And it’s hurtful.

Regardless of the intent of the speaker, calling something you dislike “gay” connects a group of people to something you don’t like. It’s a microaggression – a sneaky way that we passively communicate hostility toward a group of people.

Microaggression is a decent way of explaining what I feel that many people are doing when they use “#diabetes” on social media to tag photos of unhealthy food. A quick search on Instagram for the hashtag and you see that it’s equal parts people sharing their lives with diabetes and people sharing photos of unhealthy or over-indulgent food choices.


The intention of someone adding “#diabetes” to a picture of cupcakes, for example, is to really poke fun at themselves. It’s as if they are saying, “look at the bad choices I’m about to make!” People that use this hashtag as a joke, like people using the term “gay” in the pejorative, rarely know the harm that they are doing. Like a racist joke, even if the intent of the joke-teller isn’t to cause harm, that doesn’t mean that harm wasn’t done.

The harm done by people poking fun at diabetes isn’t done to me. I understand what causes diabetes (as much as science has figured out anyway). I know that the candy bar that you take a photo of and add a hipster filter to is causing insulin-resistance as little as your bad sense of humor will.

The harm comes when someone hears for years that diabetes is a consequence of shitty choices and then he/she is diagnosed with diabetes. These jokes are the root cause of the shame-burden that newly diagnosed people with diabetes carry around…a burden that makes managing a complicated condition only more complicated.

diabetes insulin

Photo Credit: Pancreassassin

What’s the solution? When I was working with young people and I heard one of them call something (not someONE) “gay” I let it go.  Part of me thought that the problem was just too big to tackle, while another part of me didn’t want to come off as the “word police.” Over time I started correcting word-choice when I heard a kid call something “gay” and it usually made a kid stop using the word (around me anyway).

My feelings toward the usage of #diabetes are very similar.  For the longest time I’ve thought that the problem is way to big for me to ever make a dent in, and I don’t want to be the diabetes-joke police on Instagram…but I can’t sit around and watch it any longer. Now when I come across them, I’m going to start tagging people that use #diabetes as a joke in photos of my bloody fingers, blood glucometer, insulin needles, etc.  And I’m going to say “This is what #diabetes really looks like.”

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We are fighting with ourselves

fighting diabetic

We are at war, people!  Allow me to explain…

Earlier this week, Sara wrote a post on her blog Moments of Wonderful about a man with Type 2 diabetes that she had a conversation with and the shame that he associated with moving toward insulin-therapy in his diabetes management.

If you don’t read Sara’s blog, you should start.  She is living with type 1, and her posts vary between stories of living with diabetesand news about industry.  And like most of her posts, in the one mentioned above she did a really great job of explaining her feelings without also commanding that everyone reading agree with her. The “P.S.” from her post kind of wraps things up nicely:

I don’t think insulin = failure is an issue just for people with type 2 diabetes. I know I have been in situations where it is so tempting to compare basal rates or total daily doses with other people with type 1 when really our insulin amounts have very little to do with each other.

After reading her post on Tuesday I thought, “Yeah…you’re right Sara!  Good post.”  I walked away from my computer and went on with life.  When I returned to the Interweb, a civil war had broken out!  The war was started when the JDRF posted a link to Sara’s post.

jdrf posts sara nicastro's moments of wonderful blog post diabetes

JDRF’s Facebook link to Sara’s post

The comments on this Facebook link were varied, but the majority of them were from people with type 1 diabetes, or with children that have type 1 diabetes and the general comment was something like, “We did nothing to deserve this like THOSE people.”

It’s ironic that Sara’s post was born from a place of acceptance and understanding and brought about more fingerpointing and misunderstanding.  I feel strongly that no person living with diabetes is responsible for having this condition.  Read that last sentence again, then stick a fork in me.

I know that many people agree with Sara and I.  Many people feel that this fight is counterproductive.  And many people feel that we need to move past this. Stick forks in all of us.

As people pointed out when commenting, type 1 and type 2 diabetes are not exactly the same, but as demonstrated by Sara explaining that all of us have different basal rates, her type 1 and my type 1 are also not exactly the same. This stuff is tricky.  It’s confusing.  And we are better off if we can all lean on one another…regardless of the number in our label.

This long civil war we’ve been fighting reminded me of a Diabetes Secret from a couple of weeks ago from a tired soldier:

A diabetes secret posted to tumblr about type 1 and type 2 differences

via My Diabetes Secret on Tumblr

It’s really time to stop fighting this war with ourselves, because at the end of it the only people that lose are people in our own army.  Allow me to quote from one of the army generals (and full-disclosure he also signs my paychecks) Manny Hernandez on the topic:

Back in the 80′s, people who were HIV/AIDS positive and negative joined together, because the stigma was affecting all of them. I recommend that everyone touched by diabetes watches the documentary “How To Survive a Plague“, so we can all get a sense of the unique challenges that this community faced and how they overcame them.

You may say: “HIV/AIDS is so different from diabetes. Diabetes is not contagious. There’s no point in comparing ourselves.” I would argue that a majority of people with diabetes live in the DIABETES CLOSET, and because of this, WE as a diabetes community, are in the DIABETES CAVE… we’re not being seen enough, all types of diabetes are not getting enough exposure, visibility, and deserved attention.

So I call a cease fire.  Everyone put away your weapons.  All is forgiven…let’s start healing.

“To a mankind that recognizes the equality of man everywhere, every war becomes a civil war.”
– Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy

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